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There are hundreds of discussion broads which cater to specifically the kind of content which you are hear to protest. Are photos of mens ejaculations all over a womans face in a photo allowed on flickr? Here is flickrs rule 9 as it states at the time i posted this.

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And yes, i am still talking about food, not a kinky sex act. Should i start a new forum question and link back to this forum question or would you be able to help me out with the problem you have assigned to the way i am using this forum? Radical feminist ideology does not equal truth, it is just an opinion among others.

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( permalink ) elementalpaul said: 8220 problem is this is a help forum, not a discussion forum. I don't think the word 'pornography' can be defined well enough to be used in a definitive answer, so the yesses you get from flickr users are probably the best you'll get. ( permalink ) it is simple really.if you don't want incorrectly flagged porn showing up in your group, set you group to allow only safe' photos then set up a pending queue, and any porn that shows up in there deny it.after of course you hit the flag this photo button. In 2006 flickr was pushing it's site as a great way to share photos with family and friends.

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